Deliberately Different. Efficiently Effective.

About EMG

We are Creative Non-Traditionalists

If an agency comes to you with the old school “outside of the box” thinking….our recommendation is you politely remind them that this isn’t 1990 and you RUN! We aren’t happy with the same old approach and the same methods of execution. Our clients come to us because they know that we will explore every possibility and every angle. After all, that’s what being creative really is.

We use a Multi-Platform Approach

The new world is not short on distractions. The days of being bored at the train station, gas station, airport, etc. are gone.

Everyone has everything at their fingertips, and in their pockets. Similarly the days of only having to advertise on 3 different forms of media are gone. An effective marketing plan must take this into consideration. Our approach will always look to ensure your message is seen, whether that is on a cell phone, an online video, in a social media outlet, the list goes on….The ultimate focus will be on creating a consistent campaign that spans all forms of media.

End User Focused and Data Driven

Everything we do is focused on the end user. Who is going to buy your product or take advantage of your service? Then we put together a message that caters to that specific group.

Over the past 5-10 years, advertising has gone through a monumental change with the growth of online marketing. A completely new media has been formed and its advantages are exponentially greater than the standard traditional forms we have been using.

For starters, our ability to collect data on our customers and potential customers is now light years ahead and accurate. In the days of TV and Radio, a demographic breakdown and things like “ratings” were essentially estimates. Now we have specific information. We know exactly who has visited your website or social media profile, or viewed your ad. We have an exact number with regards to reach, and we have an exact demographic breakdown. This allows us to target in ways never possible.

We put a huge focus on data, and constantly monitor and shift our message to fit the data we collect. Traditional marketing was broadcasting. We sent a BROAD message out to the masses in the hope that our potential customers would see it and respond. Now we can pinpoint our end users with a targeted approach, and ensure the message reaches them over and over.

This isn’t our First Rodeo!

Enlarge Media Group was born from the streets.  We started this company deeply rooted in guerilla marketing and that anarchist approach is still strong within the halls of EMG.

A decade ago, we started Enlarge Media Group with specialization in street level marketing and event promotion.  The partners of this company each have almost two decades under their belt and have done everything from club promotion to nationwide street level campaigns for the largest corporations in the country.  That being said, we are also highly educated and highly skilled.

As EMG developed, so did the internet.  Online marketing was starting to really take hold and we saw it as the new frontier.  One we could infiltrate.  We have been helping companies with social media marketing since Myspace.  We were successfully helping companies market with Facebook before the “company page” was even available.  We make it our mission to know everything about new forms of marketing and advertising, and how to help you take advantage of them.

We can’t help who we are, and we’re certainly not going to change. You can Benefit from that, and from Us.


Words from our Clients

  • "We are ecstatic about our decision to work with Enlarge Media.  They designed and developed a new website for our law practice.  Once that was complete they rolled out a concise online marketing campaign centered around search engine marketing and driving leads to our website.  This campaign not only met our budget, it has produced fantastic results.  With the efforts of Enlarge Media, we can say our business has increased by 50% in less than a year.  We look forward to a long working relationship." Frank P. Barbaro - Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Attorney
  • "The team at Enlarge Media pays attention to detail in every aspect of their work. They give every client the attention they deserve by under promising and overachieving." Mojo Morgan - Morgan Heritage - Grammy award winning group for best reggae album 2016
    Morgan Heritage