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Problems We Solve

Creating a Brand

Are you creating a new brand, or trying to rehabilitate an old one?

Our creative team can sit down with you and help craft a brand message that consumers will respond to. With a focus on the end user, we will identify the key aspects of your brand that set it apart from the rest of the world. Along with what sets you apart, we need to look at who your consumer is…Age, sex, race, buying habits, etc.

With a clear sense of who your customer is, and what sets you apart, we can help you create a message that pin points exactly what we want to come across when a person learns of your company or product. Along with a strong message we need to consider the visual aspects of your brand. Do you need a new logo? Do you need visual assets? It is very likely that people will see your logo before they look at your brand message. What does your logo say about you?

Our graphic design experience spans two decades. We have created countless logos and visual aspects for brands. As we zero in on the perfect message, we will also be designing a look and providing a feel. Remember, emotions sell! With EMG at your side we can make sure the right emotions are aroused every time your brand is front and center.

Campaign Management

Have you ever managed a full scale marketing campaign? Are you having trouble building a campaign for your company?

Campaign management can be a daunting and even intimidating ordeal.  It’s tough to know who you should market to, how you will reach them, how much it will cost etc.  We have a decade of experience and we are here to guide you.  We can walk down the road with you and be there to ensure success.  We will help with every aspect.  From defining your message or your audience, to deciding what forms of advertising you should pursue; we will build a plan that takes into consideration you, your company, and your budget.

Graphic Design

Are you having trouble finding an artist that “gets” your brand? Are you searching for a new look, or trying to update your current appearance?

Consider Enlarge Media as your personal graphic design department. Many of our clients do. Our artists have spent thousands of hours designing for all types of media. From Billboards to social media profile pictures, we have done it all. We can step in at anytime and help take your visual presence light years ahead. Are your presentation materials and ad layouts consistent with your brand? Many companies make a crucial error when it comes to consistency. We want your brand to appear consistently across all platforms. Whether you advertise online or in a magazine, we want to make sure your brand is recognized upon first glance. There should be no question what company is being advertised. The largest brands in the world know this, and practice it relentlessly. So should you!

Digital Marketing

Are you having trouble navigating the digital landscape?

Our Digital marketing team focuses on creating awareness across the internet and driving traffic to websites, social media profiles, and other hubs of information. We can create a campaign that guarantees measurable results and makes sense in terms of ROI.

Are people going to your website? Your Website is a reference point to the world. It tells everyone exactly who and what you are. It is the first thing people go to when they want to know more about you. If people aren’t visiting your website, do they know about you? We can make sure your website sees regular traffic and that the right people visit it.

Is your brand being heard?  We believe every brand has the right to be heard.

Thanks to the internet, everyone has a voice.  The playing ground has now been leveled and it is not necessary to spend millions of dollars getting your message out!  That being said, the need to be strategic is crucial.  Sure, anyone can put a message out on the internet but is it heard?

The problem with everyone having a voice…Literally everyone has a voice… There is a ridiculous amount of information on the internet.  We know it’s not actually infinite, but it might as well be.  So what do you do to make sure you are being heard?  The first thing you need to do is pinpoint your audience.  We will define your ideal customer/audience and tailor a message specifically for their ears (or eyes…or brain…whatever).  Then we use everything at our disposal to put the message in front of him/her repeatedly.  This includes online ads, boosted or promoted content, keyword optimization, viral and organic content….Whatever it takes!  Finally, we collect and learn from the data.  We change things up when they don’t work and double down when they do.  People are going to hear your message,we will make sure of it.

Public Relations

Are the influential people in your industry talking about you? Are they writing blog articles about you and featuring you in reviews?

PR can be a big boost to any brand. The key is identifying someone with influence. Enlarge Media can step in and help you identify the right people , make a personal connection, and get them to tell the world about you. Where most brands go wrong is they think “too big for their britches”. Everyone would like Tom Cruise to put on their shirt, or visit their restaurant. But how realistic is that for your brand? And even if it was possible, would it be worth the money?

Let us help you focus on someone who really speaks to your end user, someone who is involved on a regular basis with them. Perhaps it is someone who writes a blog specifically about what you sell. These are the people that are going to bring a real return on investment. Don’t get us wrong, everyone loves Hype, but we love a hard core following even more.