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How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Do you ever look through Instagram accounts that look pretty and polished and you think; how do these people find these places, or even the time to take all these? Yea I did too, and it’s true, creating a cohesive Instagram feed does take a bit of time and planning.

Color and Feel

First things first, you should plan everything out before you start on your journey. After you pick your theme and topic, you’ll have to pick a general color and aesthetic for your feed. For example, do you want to keep it colorful and playful or earthy and rustic. It may become arduous but you’ll have to take your time and search for locations and backdrops that fit your scheme.

White Space

Be aware of white space. If you consecutively post images with the same background color it will create too much white space and the photos will get lost and blend together. To avoid this, alternate each post between chosen color schemes.

Branded Feed

It is important to create your own unique feed because it will give you a branded look without any of the images actually being watermarked. Watermarking needs to be very subtle and watermarking every single post it will definitely alter the look of your feed.

Plan it Out

Before you start posting make sure you’ve accumulated a few posts, this way you won’t be scrambling for content and you’ll be able to make sure your content is up to your quality standards. You will also be able to roll out content on a consistent basis.


Don’t forget to pay attention to engagement. Keep an eye on which type of posts are getting better engagement. Not only content, but time posted and copy all play a part how much engagement a post will get.

Creating a top-notch Instagram feed does take time but do not get discouraged because in the end you will be creating something you will be proud of. If you’re trying to grow your company, creating  captivating social media is important. People are drawn to cohesive and creative feeds, so don’t be afraid to experiment and be unique.