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Hearing Healthcare Recruiters

Hearing Healthcare Recruiters

  • Hearing Healthcare Recruiters

HHR specializes in job placement for the Hearing Industry.  Simply put they place audiologists, hearing aid specialists, etc.  These are full time salary positions.  They place people all over the US and are one of, if not the, largest recruitment firms specifically for the Hearing Industry.


Create Brand elements – Logo, Presentation Materials, Website, Tradeshow and other marketing assets (letterhead, business cards, etc.)


We came on board when this company was formed so we helped with all needed marketing – logo, tagline, website, etc. Our work centered around their basic presentation and marketing.  We designed their website, including their logo.  We also designed and produced their tradeshow elements and a lot of their needed marketing assets like business cards and brochures.  Finally we helped to set up their social media profiles and worked with them on their initial strategy as far as content.


In the past two years, they have grown to be one of the premier recruiters in this work space.  We would love to take the credit for this but we are only as good as the company we serve and in all reality, this company really has the Hearing Industry wired. We gave them what they needed to present themselves as a professional recruiting firm with a solid brand. They took it from there.

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