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Toyota of Huntington Beach

Toyota of Huntington Beach

  • Toyota of Huntington Beach

Marketing and advertising for a specific car dealership can be extremely challenging. There is so much advertising out there for dealerships, it is impossible to escape. Its on TV, Radio, Print, Bus Stops, Youtube, Your social media feed…..Its everywhere. So the challenge becomes, how do you create something that resonates with potential car buyers, and sticks out amongst a sea of “Dollar down Delivers” “0% finance” “Uno De Enganche” “Sign and Drive today!”



Our objective with Toyota of Huntington Beach was to connect with the local area and build more of a relationship. They continue to run radio spots and other corporate centered ads, but our objective goes beyond that. We were brought in to help build a following, not drive people in on a specific weekend.

We set out to tell a story

The reality is, Toyota of HB has been a part of the local Huntington Beach community for decades. They supply the lifeguard trucks. They sponsor two of the best surfers in the world, both of which grew up surfing in Huntington Beach. Their sales and service teams are made up of HB locals.


We put together a campaign combining online marketing and social media with a community driven outreach component. We post regular content online, help run online ad buys, and engage with the community through social media. We also help the dealership connect with the community at the street level by organizing and getting involved in different community events. Every Tuesday night in downtown Huntington Beach, they have Surf City Nights. It’s a local farmers market and street fair. Since we began working with Toyota of HB 5 years ago, they have been in that event every Tuesday night, connecting face to face with the locals of Surf City. Similarly they participate in different annual events like the marathon, the chili cook off, the green expo, etc. Anywhere we can help them connect on a more personal level whether it be on the street or on social media, we are there.

Since we joined forces, Toyota of HB has a stronger connection with the community than any other Huntington Beach car dealership. Families in HB are growing up with Frank and the guys at Toyota. Lifelong partnerships between a driver and his/her dealership are being formed. It may sound corny but the letters and notes the dealership receives on a regular basis, not to mention the social media comments, prove there is a connection there. They also sell a lot of cars, more than any other dealership in the area.

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